UX-designer, the journey

After many years of working as a graphic designer, i have now taken a few steps into the UX world, and i like it! Now I combine design with user experience and looking forward to see where it takes me. I believe that all my previous experiences in life will take a part in my future projects. Like my interest of studying psychology, the art of design and the deep satisfaction for good structure. Here you can find some of my work and the most important thing - my steps through the process. It's more about how and why then what. If you think this sound as interesting as i do, share it with me! Send a hello and maybe we can create somthing together.



graphic/ux/ui designer / FRAMFOT

Copy and design for print and digital marketing. Website redesign with ux/ui-perspective. Marketing data analyze from Google Analytics and Hotjar.

Graphic designer / Ekgren & Folke

Design and technical printing for brochures, store popup’s and catalogs, primarily for pharmacies and grocery stores. Digital banners, static and motion.

Marketingcoordinator / Proffsmagasinet

Print design of catalog. Digital ads in social media such as newsletters and facebook. Responsible for profile products at events.

Graphic designer / Jordbruksaktuellt

Print and digital design for company and clients such as ads, banners, brochures, flyers, invitations, video.

TV-scripta / TV4

Assistant in studioproduction. Clocking and coordinate,


Graphic design for web / högskolan kristianstad

Knowledge about designwork, creative processes and how layout and typography should be adapted to work on the web. Knowledge in graphic form for web-development.
7.5 HP

Informationdesign / mälardalens högskola

Practical understanding of the special requirements for communication with the web media. The course also includes communication theories, web programming and project methodology.
7.5 HP

Psychology / örebro universitet

Independent and critical assessments, distinguish, formulate and solve problems. Preparedness to meet changes in worklife. Groupdynamics, social psychology, personality psychology, research methodology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, health psychology and developmental psychology.
90 HP

Graphic design / sundsvall mittuniversitet

Typography, layout, webdesign, packagingdesign, newspaperdesign, Imagemanagement, communication, presentations.
60 HP

Video & TV-produktion / kalix folkhögskola

Storys, shortfilm, documentary, TV-Shows, photo - fields & studio, digital editing, manuscripting, dramaturgy.


Best scrips / Novemberfestivalen

”A well-balanced story with a morbid twist. Like on rails from start to finish.”

Audience choise / Vinterfestivalen

”Burlesk storyt with an unexpected turn”.